Terms and Rules of Service at E Quran Faculty

If you register your Quran classes online at E Quran Faculty or your kid’s classes as a student, you will agree on the following Terms of Service and Conditions:

1) Upon successful completion of free trial classes, you will have to able to continue or not the classes with E Quran faculty.

2) Once you agree to continue, you will pay the fee at the due date – monthly fees are paid in last week of every month.

3) E Quran Faculty reserves the right to stop the classes if the payment is overdue for more than 7 days without any excuse.

4) Any leave is considered as paid from your side and there is no make-up for that and it is paid if you keep the same schedule and teacher can not use the time for any other students of you.

5) If students miss any class without prior notice or permission, absent will be marked and no makeup class will be settled.


6) If you want to cancel your class any day, you should to inform your teacher through Skype whatsapp or email 3 hours earlier to avail of the makeup class.

7) E Quran Faculty reserves the right to change teachers anytime if needed for quality teaching purposes and benefit.